All State Choir

The Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) hosts the annual All-State Choir audition process.  Students in grades 9-12 compete against singers from across the state on their respective voice part vying for a spot in either the Texas All-State Mixed Choir, Texas All-State Treble Choir, or the Texas All-State Men’s Choir.  The audition process usually begins in September with a series of auditions and the final audition occurring the first Saturday in January.


Most frequent questions and answers

The audition fee is a one time cost of $20.  Also, many students opt to attend summer camps that have various costs.  It is recommended that students take private voice lessons during the summer and school year. 

A man on his way to a concert asked a passerby “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” the man’s reply: “Practice, Practice, Practice!”  Yes, the best way to make the All-State choir is to practice more than your competition.  Summer lessons and summer camps are a great start.  All auditioners are encourage to practice at least 30 minutes everyday on their music and sight-reading. 

Students will sing a portion of two or three songs from the list of all-state music called a “cut”.  They will sing the cut by themselves for a group of five judges who are hidden behind a screen.  The judges consider the knowledge of the music and quality of singing and rank students from highest to lowest.  All students will also sight-read a short line of music.  Students are given 30 seconds to study the line and then sight sing the exercise.  The scoring is on a 300 point scale using Olympic scoring system (drop the highest and lowest scores and average the rest).

It is very difficult to make the All-State choir.  Over 15,000 students start the process in August and only about 350 make an All-State choir. All-Region and the new 9/10 All-Region choirs are great honor as well and worthy goal,s especially for younger singers in the process.

Consistent practice, which requires a good deal of time and effort, is the key to success.  But yes, it is very much worth the time and effort.  Even if a student does not make it past the first audition, the lessons learned and the vocal growth that will occur will improve the individual singer.  Students that make the All-Region Choir will enjoy the experience of working with an excellent clinician and singing with talented and music loving students from around the area.  Students that make the All-State choir will be recognized as dedicated and high quality musicians.  All-State singers get to work with a renowned All-State clinician, meet like-minded and highly talented students from across the State, are a part of the largest music convention in the world, and have the privilege of performing in an awesome All-State Concert attended by nearly every choir director in the State of Texas! And don’t forget, parents… Earning a spot in the Texas All-State Choir also includes participation in TMEA’s College Night, where universities from all over the country recruit All-State performers with scholarships! So, we believe that YES! it is worth all the time and effort.

All State Summer Camps

All-State Choir Camps are summer camp programs that give your students opportunities to rehearse the TMEA All-State music for the following year with directors and clinicians from around the state months before the music is handed out to the students in choir.  They also work on vocal practice techniques, diction, and sight singing.  Most of all, they meet new friends from around the state that have the same desire for singing!

Most of these camps run around 4-5 days and have both a residential (on-campus) and commuter (off-campus) rates.  While these are not all of the camps that are being offered, these are some of the major universities around the state that will have camps this year.

Please consider having your student participate in an all-state camp this summer.  There are tons to choose from at different college campuses across the state, at different price ranges, and at different dates throughout the summer.  

These are some great reasons to participate:

  • Students will learn the all-state music so they are better prepared to audition in the fall!
  • Students can get out of the house and do something productive during the summer 🙂
  • Make new friends/deepen friendships with people who have something in common. Many camps have other fun activities planned along with learning the music!
  • Provides a great opportunity for students to check out colleges where they may want to go. They can stay on campus and see what it’s like to stay there!

Always double check the school’s website for the details such as deadline and cost.  Click on the provided link to register online for most camps.

  • June 23 – 27 
  • July 7 – 10 : Day Camp only
  • $75 fee if you made the TMEA All-State Choir last year
  • July 8 – June 11
  • $100 discount if you made the TMEA All-State Choir last year
  • July 18 – 21: Residential camper
  • August 1 – 4: Day camper
  • $175 discount if you made the TMEA All-State Choir last year
  • July 19-22 (Purple Camp)
  • July 22-25 (White Camp)
  • $140 discount if you made the TMEA All-State Choir last year
  • July 19 – 22
  • $195 if you made the TMEA All-State Choir last year (staying on campus)
  • July 7 – 11: Residential camper

Sam Houston State University

Audition Material & Program

For the performance notes and markings, go to the TMEA website.  Continue to check this site for updates throughout the summer.